Industrial Systems

The automation applications require large computing power and high performance in conjunction to robustness. That is, their strength at elevated ambient temperatures, humidity, and high durability and impulse loads with minimal maintenance in daily operation. In the past a system like this could not be implemented because the processor technology with high performance and frequency could not be used since  processors and subsystems are presented large power consumption and temperature rise prohibitive for industrial environments. So, there was a dilemma between performance and temperature increased with additional costs of adapting a PC in industrial or harsh environments.

This problem has now been solved with technology advancement and the new series of industrial PCs with dual or quad core processors offering significant computing power combined with low power consumption. New powerful graphics chipsets, new generation memory technology, ultra high speed bus and multicore technology in conjunction with serial and parallel inputs (RS232/485/422 and LPT), that are now been removed from the comercial grade PCs, are the main features of a modern industrial PC. Specifically, the new multicore processors provide extra power being coupled with ultra low power consumption provide an ideal solution for equipment suitable for rugged environments.

Our company offers a variety of industrial grade PCs or tablets suitable for any demanding application such as PV solar plants, factories, construction sites, warehouses, vehicles, etc