Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm

The design of an alarm system installation is focused to protect sites (homes, businesses, industrial areas, photovoltaic) in cases of unwanted entry and prevent, sabotage, threats or robbery.

Starting from the most simple systems that can be installed by anyone with a modicum of computer knowledge but also a considerable degree of skill, we come to integrated systems that require specialized personnel (design engineers and technicians) that has the proper license and certifications for both design and installation.

The in-depth study and completeness of the implementation, are the primary factors that determine the proper operation of a security system. The specificity of each area to be protected is one that displays the weaknesses of an embodiment which is not designed properly (process standard installation) despite of the high cost. This means that the system either will not protect you or gives you error messages violation resulting in additional cost in time, money and hassle.

Our company, provides high quality services and gives priority to proper planning offering the right choice of materials for each case that are geared to prevention and to prevent malicious actions rather than alarms after violation.

Featuring advanced alarm systems (wired or wireless) with high standards we are able to cope with the most unique and demanding challenges.

Perimeter protection

The perimeter protection requires a high level of security and discretion used in alarm systems perimeter protection.

In places with high grade security requirements such as Industrial areas, Camps, Bunkers, Airports, Photovoltaic parks, etc  these systems protect from any perimeter intrusion attempt.

The alarm system used should be quite "smart" that it can be activated on any suspicious movement and should recognize the incidents pose no danger without giving false alarms.