The installation of a closed circuit television system (CCTV) is responsible for the 24Hr visual inspection of internal and external spaces where installed. This enables the discouraging of third parties for malicious activities such as intrusion, theft, property damage and recording events to verify incidents during the operation of a business.

Indoor and outdoor, fixed or remote controlled, cameras can be installed which control the perimeter, entrances and interiors of buildings and facilities.

Analog or digital cameras along to a central control unit, which may include monitors, digital recorders (Digital Video Recorder / Network Video Recorder), keyboards and remote controls, compose a CCTV system.

The control and monitoring system can be observed by:

  • Owner of the system
  • Security personnel located on site.
  • Monitoring station of our company.

The image transmission can be transmitted wired or wirelessly via appropriate encoded software. The image can be recorded and stored on a computer hard disk or hard disk of the recording device (DVR, NVR) locally or remotely.

The advantage of image and video capture is the ability to trace the history file for scrutiny at any time.

Our company analyzes and studies your needs free of charge for the installation of a CCTV system and propose the most reliable solution for each case from a wide range of products.

The installation of cameras at key points is giving special importance to elaborate wiring. Connecting the recorder to the network (LAN/WAN) in conjunction to and the ability for connecting to other electronic automation systems are some of the extra functions that make up an integrated CCTV system complete.

Moreover, special emphasis is given on extensive system testing and demonstration of operation.