About Us

Primetech was founded in 1998 in Patras as its franchise Karakitsos Security. The upward trend with system installations and services in Achaia and Southwest Greece led us to the independence of the company in 2004. Retaining the expertise and increasing quality coupled with a network of satisfied customers, we expanded in the region of the Peloponnese, Central Greece, in the Ionian Islands in Attica and in several cities.

Primetech - A. Liapis & Co, with license number from the Interior Ministry 3015/39/60/1024-ξδ operates in the field installation of alarm systems and security services. Has legitimate licenses for design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of security systems and guard services.

The staff of our company consists of experienced design engineers, installers and trusted concierge and 24-hour monitoring is always at your disposal to meet your needs.

Being involved in both retail and wholesale services, everyday we persue our customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to maintain the upward trend of the company, and continually offer high quality facilities, services and products earning the respect and trust of our customers.

Always being informed about next-generation technology and delivers innovative and reliable solutions based on the smooth and stable operation. Combined with the durability over time, we ensure the best security solution.

Taking into account your needs and suggestions and in conjunction to our knowledge over years of experience we select an integrated protection package and services at affordable prices consistently and responsibly.

Our philosophy

  •  Design and Planning.
  •  On the proper implementation.
  •  The 24-hour daily service and aftersales support.

Our values

  •  Passion and interest in our work, the challenges of your needs, and the successful implementation of the target.
  •  Continuous updating and staff training.
  •  Commitment and integrity in the services we provide. .
  •  Dedication, and responsibility towards the customer. .